Me? Why thank you for asking…

Since this is my first official post, I figured I’d start it off telling you all a little about myself. Even though this is the start of a new blog, it’s definitely not the start of my writing and doing creative things. I enjoy anything the least bit creative, from photography all the way to gardening on my apartment balcony.
Who inspires me? Family!
Well, I have a husband that makes me laugh everyday,

a cat and dog that are ridiculously cute,

the coolest sister imaginable,

and the most inspiring mom on the earth,

all of which are wonderful blessings from my Loving Creator.
In reality, we’re all brothers and sisters here on this earth–and I love you.
I know love because my God is Love.

Enough about me right now… let’s get to having fun!

[ps…all photography by me! :)]

4 Responses to “Me? Why thank you for asking…”
  1. Getting started blogging was/is hard for me too! I’m glad that I came across your blog. I guess it’s nice to know that someone else is looking for a fresh-fun thing to do at the same time I am. =]

    All the best to you.

  2. Emma says:

    you have a lovely blog my dear! i look forward to seeing more of your posts! take care and happy blogging!

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