Happy Birthday Key Lime Pie

Wednesday was my good friend Kellen’s birthday–and I’m the bad friend who forgot until Thursday! AGH!
Well, today his fiance Ashley (we have the same name–because we’re super awesome.)
is throwing a party for his birthday, and I wanted to make something delicious
to make up for my terrible friend-ness.
His favorite is Key Lime Pie, but not everyone is always a big fan. So I figured, hey, why not make a single
serving pie?? It worked out great and it’s totally cute!

I put the apple in the picture so that you can see it’s size!

I had no sweetened condensed milk so I had to find a recipe online that did not call for any.
Of course I found one at AllRecipes.com. The thing I love about this website is that it has
a little converter on top of each recipe that you can type in how many servings you want it to
be and it’ll convert the measurements to just what you need. It’s awesome!
Here is the recipe for this little guy: Key Lime Pie
This recipe also includes a recipe for a meringue topping that I left out.
Also, you’ll need the recipe for the graham cracker crust.
3 tablespoons of crushed graham crackers
2 teaspoons of sugar
2 1/4 teaspoons of melted butter…
That’s it!
Mash it all together, and press it into the bottom of your pan.
Bake at 375 degrees (which honestly I forgot to do!!) for maybe 15 minutes.
Keep an eye on it because it’s so small.

Easy peezy LIME squeezy.

I’ll also be bringing these two yummy things!

Watermelon Jello (actually looks like little watermelon slices!)
Minus the vodka and seeds! hahaa, not everyone is over 21.

(photo not mine)

Peperoni Pizza Monkey Bread  and photo by Confections of a Foodie Bride!
(yes, yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like! GENIUS!)

I did change that last one a little… but barely!
She called for having a marinara sauce on the side, and not inside the little rolls.
Instead, I’m putting homemade sauce inside. (A little like pizza rolls!)
I made the sauce by roasting two tomatoes with olive oil and my favorite Italian seasonings
and two mashed garlic cloves. Yum Yum, I had to keep from eating it by itself! I mashed all that
up and mixed it with a small can of tomato paste with a little water (to the consistency you like–
whether that be spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce) and I added a little garlic salt, a little red pepper,
and my secret ingredient that I believe everyone should know–CINNAMON! Don’t use too much,
just enough to meld all the flavors together in a heavenly way! You shouldn’t be able to taste the
cinnamon individually–if you can, you’ve used too much!

I’ll post up pictures later of how these last two recipes turned out–keep a look out they’ll be up soon!

Yum yum yum! I’m excited!
This has been a nice way to begin a day that followed such a bad dream night!



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