Comfort food.

This week I got a little lonely during the day a few times.
This happens occasionally, but that’s good sometimes–I mean, hey,
I got the whole apartment clean AND folded all our laundry! HA!
(For those of you who don’t know us well, we hate folding laundry and doing dishes.
Well at least I do, and I’m the one who does most of the chores around here.)

Anyway, when I’m feeling a little sentimental or when I’m wanting to feel close to
someone, I love to eat french toast. Ha ha, I’m sure most of you are wondering why,
so I’ll tell you! When I was growing up, my sister, Sierra, and I would go to my Grandma
and Grandpa’s house and stay for the weekend during the school year, and go for weeks at
a time during the summer. They live on this seven acre beautiful property – with cows! And
when we were children, they had several dogs, a bird, and a rabbit. Ha, this really aided to
my love of animals. In the mornings Sierra and I would wake up and go crawl in bed with
Grandma and beg her to make us french toast. She would laugh and say that she had already
planned this out and that she had plenty of bread and eggs. But, while always teaching us
patience she told us to leave the room and wait for her. Sometimes she would get right up,
sometimes she would wait for a time, all while Sierra and I were sitting on the couch trying
to be quiet as to not wake our Mamma in the other room. (Yeah, she liked coming to Grandma
and Grandpa’s too!) FINALLY, Grandma would come out of her room and get to working in
the kitchen. The sun would be spilling it’s rays out onto the floor all across the room and Sierra
and I would get all excited at the smells spilling from the kitchen. Pretty soon, she would be
setting plates out on the table, telling us to go pick our favorite cup. We’d sit down to a plate
full of french toast, and we had our pick of syrup or honey to pour over the top. Grandma always
kept a wet washrag sitting on the counter ready to wipe our hands up before we headed to the
bathroom to wash them… you know children and their sticky jam hands! Our Mamma would
come out of the room and sit down too. All four of us would sit there, eat, and talk about what
we were going to accomplish that day. So it’s pretty easy to see why this is a comfort food for
me. It brings a sense of community, love, and safety–all surrounded by morning rays of
golden sunshine.

So, enough talk about how awesome it is, and let’s get down to making this delicious food
of angels. Ha!

Ground Cinnamon
Vanilla extract (my grandma didn’t always use this, but I use it because my husband loves it that way)
(have butter or cooking spray ready–you don’t want it to stick to your pan!)

Problem, I rarely measure anything–so I’m going to have to guesstimate here, DON’T worry,
it’ll be fine! We’re not baking, so not having exact measurements is not going to mess it up
one bit.

I was only cooking for me–so this is only for one serving (about 3 pieces of toast).

Beat one egg until it becomes light yellow (add an egg for each person-and if you don’t have
enough for each person add extra milk).
Pour in milk (I used about 1/3 cup here–I didn’t want my french toast to be “eggy” that day.)
Sprinkle in cinnamon (about a tablespoon — I loveee my cinnamon! Do this to your taste!)
Now for the vanilla that my hubby has me hooked on! (I used about a teaspoon, but if you LOVE
the vanilla flavor, you may want to add a little more-use your own judgement).

Now mix it all together really good.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just made a delicious egg wash. Tell yourself that you’re awesome.
Go on, do it.
Now, get your pan ready (if you haven’t already). I set my burner to medium high to start out
and spray your pan with cooking spray or put some yummy butter in there. Smile at the way it
sizzles. When the pan is hot, you’re ready for your next step.

Now, for the fun messy part!
Dip your bread in the egg wash. (cover both sides!)

Drop that delicious soggy bread into the pan!

Now, sniff the air… yes, smells goooood!

After a little bit, flip that baby over and cook the other side! Be careful not to burn them… it’s easy to do.

TIP:: the first one always takes the longest to cook. After that, it’s a breeze.
You may want to reduce the heat a little if they’re cooking to fast for you.

When they’re done, throw all those on a plate, grab you some honey (or maple syrup) and drizzle it all over.


Yeah, that’s right-you’re mouth is probably watering right now.
Go make you some french toast and have a great day.

(This recipe is super easy to double, triple…etc.! Add an extra egg per person, and keep adding milk
accordingly! If you don’t have enough eggs per person, add a little extra milk. The cinnamon can continue
to be added, but be a little more careful with the vanilla–you get too much, and it’s VERY VANILLA!)

By the way, this makes an excellent dinner too! It’s very filling, and it has wonderful nutrients!
Eggs are great source of protein and many other vitamins that your body needs!
Milk is packed with calcium (I like to use the organic).
Use your favorite bread (be careful about extra fiber breads though… your stomach may hurt
later because you will be consuming quite a few pieces of bread).
It’s a great carb fix–and you need those! (ESPECIALLY before you sleep! The reason you crave
sweet baked yummy things after dinner is because your body needs carbs and proteins as you
sleep. Just because you’re sleeping does not mean that your body has all it needs to function
properly. Drink plenty of water and go ahead and have a good healthy midnight snack!)
Cinnamon is great for you–it aids in your digesting glucose properly!
And vanilla… it’s just all together delicious.

I add honey to the top of mine (which we all know is GREAT for you) but if you’re a syrup
lover, use ACTUAL maple syrup. (Make sure to get Grade B and not Grade A–Grade B has
so many extra nutrients, it’s incredibly good for you! Do your research, you’ll be surprised!

Enough with my rambling–go make you some delicious food, and live a happy healthy life!

Now craving french toast again,

[EDIT:: I forgot to mention that freshly ground nutmeg is a great thing to add in as well!
I love adding in nutmeg anywhere I can in my cooking as soon as cool breezes begin blowing
in and the leaves begin to change!]

12 Responses to “Comfort food.”
  1. Richard Curran says:

    If you toast the bread on a rack for about 10 min, very low 200, and add a touch of flour to the egg wash, it will not be soggy in the center. Doesn’t make it crunchy or anything, just gives it a little more body.

  2. That bread sounds amazing! I too tend to sometimes get a little lonely. Cooking always cheers me up.

    • I’m glad to hear that someone else out there cooks to feel better! Any time I feel stressed out, you’ll most likely find me in the kitchen baking something. It get’s my creative juices flowin’ and in turn I get a nice self esteem boost, because food is rarely not good!

  3. Stephanie (mom) says:

    Ahhh french toast. nothing quite beats it. Great post. I love the pictures of the process. You are very talented my beautiful daughter!!

  4. I like french toast made with sourdough bread. I like the tangy contrast to the sweet maple syrup. Thanks for the tip about the grade B syrup, I was wondering about the difference. I recently tried out a combination of maple syrup with agave syrup and that is pretty good.

    • That sounds delicious! I love sourdough, so I’m trying to figure out why I’ve never tried that! I’ve been a little timid about trying agave syrup, so I’m glad to know it mixes well with the maple. I’m going to have to give this a try! Thank you so much. :]

  5. Oh yes, I should go in there some day and ask them what they do! Haha, I wonder if they’d tell me…?

  6. This is exactly how I “learned” to make French Toast growing up. Brings back so many memories. Like the one when my younger brother and I decided to “make breakfast” for my sister’s boyfriend visiting our family for the first time. We added green food coloring to the egg wash and reveled in our “invention” of Green French Toast. He was from San Francisco visiting the Midwest and we played as if this was traditional breakfast fare. He “cowboyed up” and decided to eat the hideous looking, albeit great tasting, French Toast. And he eventually married Sis. I guess this recipe is a good down-home recipe that has brought many families together. Thanks for sharing – I’ve enjoyed looking through your site. You have a wonderful talent with photography and word.

    • Haha, what a great idea! I’m going to have to do that sometime-maybe scare my husband with a funny color french toast! I’d be excited to experiment with tye-dye maybe! Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you so much for the compliment!

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