Fishing with Grandpa

Grandpa took me fishing yesterday!
In my last post about fish and fishing, I explained to you the huge fit that I threw over
something that seemed so silly. Well this post is just the opposite. A couple months
ago after one of our Saturday home church meetings, my family was talking about fishing
and I brought up having not ever been, and my Grandpa told me to call him any day and
he would take me. You see, because of different little hurts that I let build up over the
course of my life, I had convinced myself that I shouldn’t ask for what I wanted from a
man, because they’ll ignore me, or tell me no and my sister yes. I honestly didn’t know I
believed quite this way until just recently. But because of this I never called Grandpa, and
we didn’t go fishing because of it. Well, Grandma read my blog, and then read that post to
Grandpa. Last Saturday he brought it up, and I was mortified–I realized in that moment what
I had done to myself on top of how rude it was of me to go on this rant all along while someone
was actually trying to fix it.

Anyway, like I promised, I did get some photos–but with my phone’s camera…until it
died. Hahaa…

Well, yesterday morning I got up with Jason and rode to work with him where my Grandpa
picked me up and we went to a pond that belongs to a friend of his. It was a cute pond in front
of an even cuter tiny house! I would’ve taken a picture of that… but my phone died. We had
been there for maybe ten minutes and I caught a fish! Hahahaa… and even funnier, a crappie.
The other day, Jason and my dad were talking about these fish called crappies and I thought
they were crazy! Jason had to show me pictures online just to prove me wrong.

Here he is!

This picture doesn’t make him look very pretty, but his fins were all flowy… I wanted to put him
in a fish tank and feed him yummy little bugs!

My Grandpa is so cool. :]

Well, I’m thinking that little crappie decided to go tell all the other fish we were trying to catch
all of them because it took quite a while to catch any more. Grandpa caught, I think, two more
bream and then we caught a big catfish.

Meow! Ha, it makes me chuckle that they’re called CATfish. Anyway, when Grandpa stood next to
him, he was way longer than his shoe. (You can kind of see Grandpa’s shoe back there). He looks like
a shark with a smashed head. Hahaha

He was trying his hardest to swim on land, and when Grandpa picked him up, he refused to hold still
for his picture. Every time I look at this picture, I want to wipe off all that pine straw stuck to his belly!

I had so much fun hanging out all day trying to catch those “sneaky little dudes”. They just kept eating
the worms off the hook… smart fish.

Little side note here… it’s 88 degrees here today, and I have all the windows open like it’s nice and mild
outside! The strange things that happen to people when it’s in the high nineties every day! I think it feels
lovely. I have a fan going, and all I need to make this perfect is a nice mason jar filled with iced sweet tea
and a hammock over lush grass. Oh, southern comforts.

Speaking of, the weather was great yesterday. We sat in the shade under a big tree, and there was a touch
of fall in the air. Here we are halfway through August, and the breeze has cooled a little and there are a few
leaves beginning to turn. No worries, the heat will return tomorrow. Ha!

Well, the time has come to end this post. Thank you to everyone who reads this!

Annndd… I love you Grandpa!

3 Responses to “Fishing with Grandpa”
  1. Stephanie (mom) says:

    This makes me laugh. I have been fishing with “Grandpa” and he is awesome! I am glad you had a good and memorable experience! Sometimes fishing consists of catching nothing šŸ™‚ God was good to you (as always) You are quite blessed and loved and when things get rough you need to remember that the love people have for you outweighs any other feelings out there!!!

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