It’s fail of the week Friday

I’ve decided to start something new. Every Friday, I will post up a picture of my fail of the week.
I will follow that with a success as well. My motivation in doing this, for one – it’s amusing, and for
two, I’m hoping that maybe it will encourage you by making it very obvious that no one on this
planet always get’s it right. Haha! So here you go… this is my fail of the week.

Ahh ha ha ha ha ha haa! Yeah… This happened this morning. I was making my husband some lunch
to take to work with him and I got angry at the honey–when we were in the store, we didn’t notice that
it was crystallized about half way through it. I’ve managed to make it work, but lately all the “good honey”
still left in it was gone and I was left with only the crystallized stuff. I knew that if I heated it that it would
go back to “normal”, so I pulled the cap off and stuck that sucker in the microwave. I should have done it
a couple seconds at a time, but I was tired and a little out of it and just hit the 30 second button. Well, you
can see the result of my delirious cooking skills! So, even though I cook all the time, I still screw up… often!

I do have a success for this week!

IT’S FRIDAY! We made it through the week alive. Plus, we’ve crossed over from August to September!
Oh yes! AND it’s Labor Day weekend, so my husband doesn’t have to work Monday. I love long weekends. I
think growing up in public school conditions you to adore it! You get an extra day to play, and one less day
to be in a classroom with florescent lights. Nowadays, my weekdays and my weekends look a lot alike–except
that the hubs works only on the weekdays. So when the weekend hits, we get out of this apartment and go do
fun things!

Hopefully next week I’ll have a more interesting success than just making it through the week! And as much as I
dislike failing at anything-I hope that it’ll be hilarious!

What have you accomplished this week? Do you have a fail you’d like to share? I love hearing from you!


Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everyone! Get out and do something fun!

2 Responses to “It’s fail of the week Friday”
  1. Stephanie (mom) says:

    Hahahahahahah looks like the honey is no longer crystalized though!!!!

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