Fail of the Week & the Harvest Moon

I apologize that I missed Fail of the Week Friday, I was helping out some friends set up for their wedding. So,
obviously I did not have an official Fail of the Week-at least I didn’t think so… until I saw this photo that was
snapped at the wedding! Haha, I’m not sure what I am doing up there scratching my head, or why I look so
confused… but I definitely consider this to be a fail moment for me. Don’t worry, this is not the face I had on
the whole time! For a success… well, I’m not sure I have one of those outside of this wedding. It was beautiful,
and I believe that’s a success in and of itself!

I found it very interesting to find out that the Harvest Moon this year started September 11th, and reached it’s
peak at 5:27 this morning – the 12th!

What is the harvest moon, you ask?
Let me tell ya! It is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox. There is no long period of dark
between sunset and moonrise during this time! Usually the moon rises 50 minutes later each night, but during
this time-it rises only 25-30 minutes later. The moon looks larger because it is lower in the sky, and more red
as well. It’s called a Harvest Moon because (before electricity) there was enough light for farmers to collect
crops through out the night.

If you’re like me, and you missed it (My husband and I declared yesterday a day of rest and movies) you can
still see the beauty of it tonight. It will not be as full of course, but it will still be quite large!

“Harvest Moon September 26, 2007” Photo Credit: Dan Bush

So, here we are – it’s Monday again. The funny thing is, I’m kind of glad! It’s been a long weekend filled with
lots and lots of wedding stuff to do.
Speaking of…
Congratulations Ashley and Kellen! I pray that God gives you both the patience and strength it takes to have a
happy and successful life together!

Almost half way through September already!

2 Responses to “Fail of the Week & the Harvest Moon”
  1. Shelly Tatum says:

    I like your picture… I just thought you were swatting the bubbles out of your hair – a girl’s gotta’ protect a good hair day! Thank you for the info on the harvest moon… explains why it almost looked like daytime when Johnny left for work at 6:00 this am. Congratulations to your friends on their marriage! God bless you, Dear One!

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