DIY Birdfeeder Haul and New Schedule

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been so inconsistent with my posting–sometimes life gets a little
busy or crowded. From now on I have a schedule!

So here it is for you guys:
Monday – DIY Project
Wednesday – Delicious Recipe Just for You
Friday – Fail of the Week
(and I may just throw in some fun in between when time permits!)

Well, since we missed DIY Monday, I will do it for you today!

I have a love for birds and I love for them to be around all the time, so it’s no surprise that we would
have a bird feeder. We also have a problem. We live on the third floor, and if those birds knock down
a feeder, it breaks into a million pieces. We’ve had two fall and break. (One which actually fell twice,
and I repaired it the first time.) So one day I decided to stop buying bird feeders and make my own.
We don’t have a lot of money, and I like to recycle–so it only made sense. Here are a few of my past
homemade frugal bird feeders that are helpful to the environment!

The easiest thing to do is dump birdseed on a random surface. Yes, you’re allowed to do that. If you
have a yard, I recommend a bird bath-that way even little squirrels can come and eat without breaking
your store bought birdfeeder.

(The only downfall for this one is that this makes those little birdies think it’s okay to poo on my railing.)

The next is definitely my favorite so far!

No, your eyes have not failed you, that IS a milk jug! This one is so easy, just cut the bottom off of the
milk jug of your choosing and put it underneath. I tacked this milk jug to the wall with two thumb tacks
and the small piece underneath with one. Just fill from the top and watch the little birds decide which
side they want to eat from!

The next one I did would be such an easy one to do with children… It’s messy and fun, what more could
a kid want? All you need are toilet paper rolls cut in half, peanut butter, some twine, and birdseed!
I kept finding versions of this all over the internet-so I had to try it!

I apologize, I have two of those hanging back to back on the same nail so it may be a little hard to
see them. To make this, just take the toilet paper rolls, cover them with peanut butter, and then roll them
in birdseed. (Or you can pack it on there with your hands if you want a fun messy time!) You could also use
paper towel rolls instead and hang it by itself if you’d rather. String them up however you would like to! I
think it would be fun to make a “garland” of these and string them through a tree!

I have one I made this morning on a whim… but I don’t really like it. It doesn’t work well and it keeps
dropping seed all over the ground. I will not trouble you with that one until I perfect it sometime soon.
I hope you enjoyed these, and I also hope that maybe I have inspired you to make your own! If you have
a DIY bird feeder you’ve made, please do share in the comments below! I’d love to hear!
ALSO, if you have a DIY project you would like to see me do, let me know I always need ideas.

May you be filled with such faith and trust in your Maker.

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