Seashell Projects and a New Month

(photo via Flickr – credit: Ricardo y Marta)

Hello! So, I just got back from our Bible study retreat on Saturday. We stayed in Port Richie, FL and
went to multiple beaches. Let me just say that Clearwater, FL is BEAUTIFUL although I would have to
say that my favorite part of the trip was going to Honeymoon Island State Park. The water is so mild
and there were seashells EVERYWHERE. Because of this, I brought home lots and lots of beautiful

Now that you know all that, that leads me into today’s DIY projects.
The many things you can do with these seashells!

I personally plan on spray painting many of my shells with silver metallic paint to look like Pottery Barn’s
silver shells that are beautiful and shiny! They’re great for the holidays–you can still keep the beachy feel
of a room while bringing the holidays in.
I also think it would be nice to spray paint them a flat white to really show off the shape of the shell.

(click photo for tutorial)

Another fun thing to do is to turn your seashells into candles! Just pour in your wax and set your wick in
there and you’ve got yourself a cute little candle.

(click photo for the tutorial)

These seashell shadow boxes from It’s the Little Things That Make a Home are lovely!

(click photo for tutorial)

I also think that making lights like this is such a cute and easy idea, thanks to Martha Stewart!

(click photo for tutorial)

Obviously there are many many things you can do with those seashells you collect on every
beach trip you go on, and these are only a few! I’ll be sure to post up pictures when I finish up
my seashell projects so that you all can see!

Man oh man, I’m ready for a nap. I’m exhausted from trying to deal with a little flea problem!
Hey, maybe next week I’ll teach you how to get rid of those pesky fleas naturally and not so
naturally. You can decide which way you prefer!

Have a wonderful week, you guys!
And by the way, WELCOME TO OCTOBER!

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