Low Calorie Finger Foods

(Photo credit: Ucreate Parties)
(And yes, popcorn is a low calorie finger food!)

Back to party food now that the football season is passing us by!

T.G.I. Friday’s potato skins… we all know them. They’re amazingly delicious. The sad news is that
they’re about 250 calories for one full sized skin (which is like two of those little guys.)

There’s got to be a better way right?
Of course there is!

(Credit: Amber’s Delectable Delights)

Now those right there run about 45 calories a piece!

-Get you some russet potatoes, wash them, and cut them into slabs.
(You can cut a medium potato about 12 times. Make sure not to cut them too thin because they
will cook more quickly and they can burn.. unless of course you would rather have them really
thin, then just watch them closely as you cook them and cut the time down.)
-Lay those out on a lightly greased (or nonstick) pan. And cook them for about 30 minutes on 375.
-(Don’t forget to season them first! I love to add a little bit of garlic salt and pepper.)
-Flip them over and cook them for about 10-15 more minutes.
-Next add a pinch of low fat cheddar or colby jack cheese. (This is where most of your calories will
come from-and low fat cheeses often have less calories.) Then sprinkle a few bacon bits on there and
pop those back in the oven until the cheese becomes all bubbly and delicious!

TADA! All done… now all you have to do is enjoy those yummies!

I like to eat these with sour cream. (You can also go low-fat with that too if you’d like.)
(OH! And did I mention that these don’t cost very much to make? You can buy a bag of potatoes for
under $5 usually, and you won’t even come close to using them all with this recipe. Cheese will
obviously cost the most. I like to keep an eye out on sales at our local grocery store-I’ve bought
cheese for half price! Also, you can keep an eye out for clearanced out cheeses or manager’s specials.
Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean they’re selling you rotten cheese! It simply means that the product is
nearing it’s “sell by” date and they want to get rid of it. Remember, most items last at least a week after
their “sell by” date — it’s much different than an expiration date.

Now on to another beloved side item on my list of delicious things!

Onion Rings.
Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably drooling right now. These particular onion rings
are from The Varsity. They’re delicious, and in my opinion, sent from Heaven.
Problem is, this serving right here is 369 calories. Not to mention 864mg of sodium and 34g of
fat. Even though I know all of this, I’m still tempted to walk down the road a couple of miles just
to eat these right now.

Well, here is a recipe for onion rings I’ve yet to try!
Serving size: Half of an onion! 74.7 calories and 0.6g of fat!
What’s the trick? They’re baked.

(Credit: www.skinnytaste.com)

Click the photo or the link below it–and she’ll tell you exactly how to make these! I’m quite excited
to try these, they look so crunchy! If you’ve tried these before, please leave some feedback below–
I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll post up pictures and let you know how they taste when I finally get around to making these.

Happy cooking!

7 Responses to “Low Calorie Finger Foods”
  1. Stephanie (mom) says:

    You are awesome and these look delicious. You know I have made potato skins before as I made them for your birthday but they are complicated. These look super easy as well as YUMMY!!!! I must try them. Let me know how the onion rings turn out -they look good too!

  2. HCG Recipes says:

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