Fails, Fleas, Success, and Dinner.

Fail of the Week::

We still had a few fleas until yesterday! I have only seen one in the last 17 hours, so that’s good.
It jumped onto my arm almost as if in panic trying to get off our couch that I had sprinkled with
baking soda and salt to dehydrate them. There are no more on the pets, and that’s what really
matters. Without a blood source, they can’t survive!

Another fail of the week… I was showing signs of a U.T.I. again. This happens lately every time I
drink soda! Something about it irritates my insides, which is so sad because I love love love
Mountain Dew Throwbacks.

They’re delicious, amazing, and did I mention delicious? Oh, and frozen Cokes from Burger King!
Man, oh man… I love them.

I want to encourage you, if you are having anything strange going on with your body, keep
a food journal. Seriously. You’ll begin to see patterns in your mood, aches, pains, breakouts,
skin health, everything! It’s really strange, but makes so much sense that what we put into our
bodies effects us so much.

When I’m keeping up with my food journal, it usually has more written in it than just the food and
drink I have. I write down my mood throughout the day, my weight, the kinds of activities that I
did, and how much exercise I got. Anything that could influence my body and mood I write down.
This is how I found out that the soda’s are what irritate my urinary tract, so it’s effective. I have
found that larger amounts of caffeine give me headaches, and when I’m exercising less, I tend to
have more stomach aches.

So, you should really try doing a food journal for at least two weeks, and see what you learn about

Anyway, on to the success of the week…

My husband made me dinner last night! (He has promised to start doing this every Thursday, and
let me just tell you, I’m excited!) I may begin to post up every Friday what he cooked so that you
all can see his handiwork.

So, here you go!

Fried chicken nuggets and fried cheesy potatoes all sprinkled with a little garlic salt… mmm! Yeah,
my mouth is watering right now too. I wish there were leftovers! He put them on our most festive
plates (as you can see!) and all the food was gone so quick! No, nothing about this meal was low
calorie or low fat, but who cares? –  Jason cooked me dinner! (Thank you, dear!)

Now, I’m off to put up the rest of the dishes….

I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with blessings and fun.

2 Responses to “Fails, Fleas, Success, and Dinner.”
  1. I am officially awesome, and so is my food. Thank you for acknowledging my awesomeness! I love you 🙂 Annnd, btdubs you’re welcome!

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