Pizza Bar

Still popping out football party recipes for you!
What says “party” more than that one word — PIZZA! And instead of passing around a collection
jar to pay for overpriced delivery pizza, why not make our own? I think having a “pizza bar” would
do the trick! It would be complete with lots of toppings, a few sauces, olive oil, pita bread (or
tortillas, mini pizza crusts, or flat breads) and a convection oven(or two or three).

(photo credit::jcolman)

How is this in any way cheaper than ordering pizza?
Well, you just ask your guests to bring their favorite pizza topping (and a convection oven if
they happen to have one!). You just make sure your guests aren’t all bringing the exact same
thing–unless that’s what all of them want! They’re likely to already have these items in their
refrigerator- you know, cheeses, olives, pepperoni, and maybe even spinach. Maybe someone
has a can of diced pineapples sitting in their pantry?

How is this healthier than delivery pizza?
WELL! For one, these crusts will not be cooked in a butter greased pan. And for two, you’ll
be able to moderate exactly what goes on your pizza.
Make sure you have low fat cheeses for people who prefer it and even fruits and greens that go
well on a pizza. (I absolutely love love love pineapple on my pizza. Surprisingly I even like
baby spinach on there.)
For sauces, make sure, obviously, to have pizza sauce, but also have a pesto sauce. It’s flavor
is so robust and strong, you don’t need a lot of it for it to be absolutely mouth watering delicious.

I’m sure it’ll turn out to be a fun interactive way to do dinner. Plus, if there are kids around,
they’ll love feeling like they were a part of cooking dinner, and are more likely to eat and let you
watch the game (or mingle)!

If you want, you can make these at home as a quick easy dinner! I just made one for lunch.
In fact, I’m eating it right now!

Yes, it’s as good as it looks. In fact, BETTER! And I’m not even much of a pizza lover if you could
believe that!

I just grabbed a bunch of ingredients I had laying around my kitchen and got to work. I seriously
need to do some grocery shopping…

First, I took my pita bread and split it in half.

Then I put my homemade herb pizza sauce on there… (I need to remember to post up a recipe
for you guys-but because I’m pressed for time I can’t do it for you right now.) It’s quite strong,
delicious, and is the star of this pizza! And of course the cheese!

Sharp cheddar and parmigiano reggiano – mmm… (or parmesan as we call it in English. But when
you say parmesan-people think of that powdered stuff in a shaker. That’s just sad.)

Next I put a few tomatoes on there and drizzled a little olive oil.

Then I popped those babies in my “regular” oven (previously preheated to 400 degrees) on the
top rack for about 8 minutes.

Basically until the ends looked like this…

That’s it! Just wait for them to cool and then gobble them down! Soooo good.

It’s an easy, quick, healthy way to feed family and friends to the point of a very full tummy
-all on a budget!

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