Fail of the Week & The Dishes.

So, I have a pretty hilarious fail of the week for you guys… Maybe this has happened to you
before? If not, feel free to laugh at my expense!

Yes, those are keys in our door… my husband’s to be exact. Now, that seems like a normal
place for those to be, unless they’ve been there all night! This kids, is what happens when
you come home really late and quite exhausted. Here’s the part that makes me chuckle every
time I think about it-we locked the door before we went to bed with the keys still in the other
side! Haha… I’m not sure why that’s so funny to me. Maybe because I picture those keys turning
out there while we locked up. I found these the next morning when I went to take Zoe out for a
short walk. Scary thing is, despite the fact that we’re three stories up and can’t even see the
parking lot, you can click the button to lock/unlock the car and it works! I’m thankful that no
one came along and got a free car! HA!

Now, on to a success — I have kept our sink totally empty (except for a few dishes here and
there before I got a chance to get to them) for a week and a half! If you know me well, you know
this is an amazing feat! Since I was a kid, I just don’t enjoy doing the dishes. I don’t mind putting
them up, it’s just the loading them in the dishwasher after they’ve been sitting in the sink. (ick!)
My sister, Sierra, and I were a great team because of this–she hated putting them up, but liked
putting them in the dish washer! Since being married I’ve had to learn to do this without her.
It’s amazing that it’s taken me nearly a year and a half to get used to it! Yes, Jason does help me
sometimes! I just usually tell him not to worry about it because I like to spend the time we have
together, actually being together. At the end of the day, who wants to come home from work to
do dishes and clean up? I just figure that I can do it during the day while he is at work.

It’s strange, I’ve gone from one extreme to the other, and then finally rested somewhere in the
middle since we’ve been married. Growing up, I was taught to be able to take care of myself, to
be able to be independent and not have to rely on anyone but God alone. My sister and I were
not allowed to drive if we could not pay and we couldn’t use our phones if we could not pay-or
if we went over our minutes or text limit. (Much unlike America today where children are handed
brand new cars at their 16th birthday without paying a dime, and who never look up from their
cell phones. And we wonder how they could wreck that car in the first 6 months and grow up to
be irresponsible.) Over time, instead of spending my time learning to rely on God like I was
supposed to, I learned to rely on myself. So, when God was clear it was time to quit my job (still
living with my parents) I was a little scared. Somehow, He made $900 last a year, and when I
finally ran out, more came in! I even had gas last in my tank for much longer than it should have.
It was a strange time, but He was showing me how a husband provides, and I had no idea what
was going on! When I got married I felt guilty for the first 6 months or so for not being able to
find a job. We had a plan-I would work and build a “nest egg” while we would live off of what Jason
brought in. It was a great plan, but not what God had in mind. I was still trying to do things on
my own, instead of trusting in Him. Anyway, because of my guilt, I kept everything in the
apartment spotless. I cleaned everyday. (We had no cable, no internet, and no one who lived
close by. I still had a car at the time, but there wasn’t much to do around here except shop-
which we didn’t have the money to do. We did get Zoe around that time, which helped a lot!)
When I finally realized what I was doing, I talked it out with God a lot and I talked it out with my
husband while he chuckled explaining to me that he never expected me to be responsible for all
the cleaning up-and that he was feeling bad because I was home cleaning all day every day. He
just wanted me to be happy. So, because I was feeling guilty-I threw myself a pity party instead.
I felt like I didn’t want to do anything except lay on the couch, eat, and watch movies all day. I
watched every movie we had (including all the kung fu movies that aren’t in English… yes, the
hubs is a little bit of a nerd :] ). The apartment became a mess, our closet a disaster, and our
dishes dirty and a little smelly. This all by itself is crazy for me… I like things to be clean, or at
least appear to be. Clutter makes me depressed! But it was necessary for me to go through all that
craziness to get to a balance.

We all go through strange things in our lives (a lot of which is in our own heads) and we need to
learn that it’s okay. Maybe you don’t associate any of your life with God, but if you pay attention
and observe closely, you’ll see that maybe He’s trying to show you something. He speaks to us
each in our own way, in our own language, and in our own understanding. He talks to us where we
are in our lives.

This post totally didn’t go where I expected it to-but that’s alright-that’s life! I love you guys, even
those of you I don’t know, and I want what is best for you–a healthy beautiful life filled with blessings
from God Himself (which He is always ready to give)! This is why I do this-it’s the only way I know
how to reach the world like this from my little apartment. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
and that you see God at work in your lives, because He is!

Oh, by the way! Here’s what Jason made us for dinner last night!

What’s for dinner? Chinese? This was actually quite delicious. He brought a rotisserie chicken home,
mixed in rice and veggies, and a special ingredient! What is that special ingredient? An amazing spicy
barbeque sauce! Sounds a little strange, I know–but it feels like ordering out Chinese food. Sweet and
spicy chicken on brown rice with veggies thrown in… Mmm.

Sometimes the best meals are simple… but then again, sometimes the best meals are the ones you don’t
have to cook yourself! Thank you dear, for dinner–AND for going out to buy ice cream!

6 Responses to “Fail of the Week & The Dishes.”
  1. Enjoyed this post…thank you!

  2. travelingmad says:

    Haha. That is funny that you left your keys in the door. The thought of them turning on the outside as you turned them inside does make me laugh too!! Thankfully they were still there.

    I’m not sure what God has in store for me next. A song I like says, “While you’re trying to figure it out, God already worked it out!”

  3. GREAT REVIEW! I totally agree with all your thoughts you said in your article, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, your post is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your super blog:) Isabella S.

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