On the Road Again…

[photo credit: The View From 5 ft. 2]
I’m going out of town again, guys! So, there will be no post tomorrow about what Jason cooked for
me tonight. I waited to pull out the suitcase until last night and my poor pets are so depressed. My
dog Zoe keeps walking around whining while my cat Hannah gives me the stink eye. They’ll be okay
though. They’ll cuddle up with my husband tonight and be happy as can be. It’s just that their sad
little faces right now make me want to cry!

I’ll be back on Tuesday, so you’ll be hearing from me on Wednesday!

Have a wonderful rest of the week-and weekend!

ps. Don’t forget that daylight savings ends on Monday! YAY an extra hour of sleep!

[EDIT:: 11/9/2011 — just got back from being out of town! While I was gone, my mom notified me
that I wrote that daylight savings ends on Monday..hahahaa! I literally wrote this post right before
I walked out of the door, so obviously I did not notice my mistake. You were supposed to change
your clocks back on Saturday night, so that on Sunday you weren’t late to anything! I hope you all
didn’t take what I said seriously! And if it’s my fault you were late to anything, I’ll buy you dinner!]

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