He Screams “Innocent”

Addressing a hot topic today–it’s the eleventh of November in the year two-thousand and eleven–
better yet known as 11/11/11. It seems no matter where I search on the internet today-everyone
is asking “what does it mean?” Well, I’ll tell you what I believe it means. This is very broad so it will
be a little different for every person of course. In the “Bible world” it’s commonly known that the
number eleven stands for disorder or judgement. The number is repeated three times which is the
number of completeness-like the Triune God (the Trinity). (A little interesting fact – Jesus lived 30
years and then started His ministry which lasted 3 years before He was hung on the cross to die for
us and THEN raised from the dead after 3 days. This little fact always makes me smile-God is so
specific. Ooo! Also, His ACTUAL birth date is thought to be in the month of March – the 3rd month.)
Anyway, knowing that this is talking about a specific date (and the fact that that means literal) and
hearing the words judgement and completeness can sound a little discouraging at first, but I want to
tell you that it’s just the opposite! Here in the United States, we hear the word “judgement” and think
negatively. We say “they’re judging me” only when someone is saying something negative about us,
but in reality people who decide they like you are judging you. They’ve in fact judged you as worthy
of their appreciation. When you decide you like an outfit, you’ve judged it as “attractive”.

When we go back to our roots in our “Christian walk” we think about what Jesus did for us on the
cross, we think about how it’s His blood that covers us and makes us clean again. In that moment,
He judged us worthy to die for; worthy enough to have His flesh torn from His body. We have been
judged! We’ve been given the chance to love Him like He loves us, and when we do, we’re covered
in that blood, and are judged innocent. Do we truly understand this? I pray that you begin to see
this in a whole new way! We’ve been judged. The gavel has hit it’s sound block and the Judge has
called you innocent. I don’t usually depict God as the Judge because we get caught up in thinking
He’s that all the time, but since you’ve all heard me harp on the fact that He’s Father first, it’s time
we address this. But imagine this-you’re standing in court, all evidence is against you, you’ve been
charged with murder, theft, adultery, damaging private property (the temple-your body), abuse of
all kinds, etc… We all know the list can go on. All the evidence is against you, even witnesses – and
the witness of all witnesses – the Judge Himself! But instead of calling you guilty and sentencing you
to an eternity separated from Him, He slams down that gavel, screams “innocent”, and rushes down
to embrace you.

I believe we’re stepping into a season where people will begin to have a true revelation of this! Here’s
the rest of it. Judgement also can be “negative”. We all know this from experience. Those who do not
accept Him and love Him for all that He is will not be covered in His blood. They are purposely
choosing not to walk up and hug His blood stained body. They’re walking into court uncovered. No
one to represent them. No one to back them up. They will be unrecognizable to the Judge because
they’re not covered in His innocent blood. He will have to say “guilty” when that gavel meets it’s
sound block because they don’t have the ultimate Witness on their side. This stands true for those
who have come after you all these years, who have hurt you, and who have held you in bondage,
but have never repented, are continuing in their ways, and have never accepted His blood. There’s
a reason Psalm 105:15 says “Do not touch my anointed ones…”! He will avenge you because you are
His son. By taking the Blood of Jesus onto yourself through true love with Him, you’re also taking it
INTO yourself and becoming a brother(or sister). There’s a reason the world talks about “blood
brothers” – you know, when you become so close with someone who may or may not be related
-they have an understanding of something but don’t know what it’s for!

In all, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, if you’ve been “naughty or nice” this year,
how much you’ve donated to charities, or how many people you’ve hurt. Instead, it’s about Who
it is that you love. Do you love your Creator? Do you love your Savior? Because whether or not
you accept them, they exist and they love you. No matter what you do, you have a Savior who is
waiting for you to understand that you have freedom, you just have to love Him back and accept
His blood, and those chains will no longer have the strength to hold you down. You have a Creator
who knows every inch of you. He knows the thoughts in your head and the number of the hairs on
the outside. They gave everything. He gave everything. What’s not to love?

What’s all this about? We’ve entered into a season. Things may begin to look a little different. I
don’t know why I said “may begin” – I mean will begin. That can mean a number of things, and it’ll
be different for everyone. But it’s happening-just like the leaves on the trees are changing. We have
one who is violently in love with us; enough to die a terrible death in order to purchase our
freedom and enough to tear all the chains away from us – taking down anyone who tries to stop it.

Don’t you let this leave your mind… His Violent Love – it’s the root of all.

There’s no picture for me to show you of what Jason cooked for me last night – because, well… he
forgot. Hahahaa! I didn’t mind though because he brought me some Chick-fil-a french fries as a
surprise! Such a good husband. Plus, as I told you on Wednesday, the focus is not on food right now
only on the food from Heaven. The Bread of Life.

Well, it’s that time of day again. Time to turn off the computer and start on the evening! Happy
Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend! (and for all you gamers out there who love Call of Duty
-play MW3 for me and let me know how it is! Our XBox is on the fritz!)

2 Responses to “He Screams “Innocent””
  1. Stephanie (mom) says:

    Thank Jesus for his blood that hides me safe in him!

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