I Can’t Open My Pickle Jar!!

So, currently I’m having the hardest time trying to open up our new jar of pickles. I was just about
to make fried pickles (I’ll post the recipe up for you guys sometime) – the oil was hot and I had the
breading all ready to go! I spent a good 15 minutes fighting with the jar and contemplated knocking
on all my neighbor’s doors to see if anyone else in this building doesn’t work during the day. I still
have an unopened jar, so I decided to check online to see if there were any tricks out there that I
hadn’t tried yet.

Here are a few of those!

The Rubber Band Method

-You put the rubber band around the outside of the lid, and it’s supposed to give you enough
traction to open the jar.

The Rubber Dish Gloves

-Put these on and open the jar. Simple as that.

The Slammer

-Take the pickle jar, turn it upside down, and slam the lid flat down onto a flat surface.
This should break the seal and make it easier to open.

Hot Water Method

-Run the lid under hot water for a little bit, dry it off, and use the towel to help you open
it. Be careful not to burn your hands.

Now, I’m off to try these!

4 Responses to “I Can’t Open My Pickle Jar!!”
  1. Stephanie (mom) says:


  2. For anyone wondering–the Hot Water Method was the winner! I just ran it under the hot water for maybe a minute and it came right off without much effort!

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