Holiday treats

As you all can see, all of my recent posts have been a little off schedule and random! The holiday season
will do that to you! I’m going to do what I should have done at the beginning of the month-write my last
post until the holiday season is over and I finish MOVING!

Yep, we’re moving and I’m quite excited about it. We need another bedroom for babies when we actually
get pregnant and have them. No, we’re still not pregnant-but I am not worried. I know God has the perfect
timeline, and I’ll be glad it happens when it happens! Yes, it does become a little frustrating sometimes.
Who am I kidding?? It becomes VERY frustrating and emotionally draining sometimes, but all I have to do
is think about all of the promises we’ve been given by God and I’m suddenly okay. So, for any of you out
there that are struggling with this right now – it’s going to be okay. God has a plan and He hears every
thought in your head and every pain in your heart. He’s not ignoring you and scripture says that He is no
respecter of persons–meaning He doesn’t prefer someone else over you. Just because the cute woman
down the street got pregnant doesn’t mean that God thought she deserved it more. Just because it seems
like every sixteen year old girl that walks past you in the mall is pregnant does not mean that God celebrates
her (for lack of better phrasing) sin. Maybe she needed this–God knows what’s in her heart, and maybe she
needed someone to love her unconditionally. Thinking that God has forgotten you is believing that somehow
He is not actually God. There is a reason-and your stress will not help! Relax, it’s okay.

ANYWAY–for all of you that wasn’t for, I have a yummy treat for you all to make this Christmas!
(My sister and I have been making this together for years–and I can’t imagine the holidays without it!)

Peppermint Bark
This one is so simple to do, but tastes like something you’d buy in a gourmet chocolate shop! It’s a little
time consuming, but once you get the hang of it, you can pop out a few batches of this delicious treat in no time!
(This is for all of you who ask me and Sierra for this recipe every year!)

Three ingredients:
Chocolate Almond Bark Candy
White Chocolate Almond Bark Candy
Peppermint candy canes

(I buy these at wal-mart for about $2.50 a piece!)

Now, these are chocolate and vanilla flavored melting candies-it tastes just as delicious only it’s much
cheaper per ounce. If you would rather use other chocolates and you have the money to do so-by all
means-do so!

Here’s what you do!

-Unwrap your candy canes and place them in a ziplock bag.
-Find a hard surface that will not be damaged by strong force, and beat them up! Feel free to take out
any frustration on these little guys-they don’t mind! (Beat them up until all the pieces are at least as small
as an aspirin.)
-Take a cookie sheet and line it with wax paper.
-Melt the chocolate however you like to. (The almond bark is so easy to melt in the microwave!)
-Spread the chocolate on the wax paper and pop that baby in the refrigerator for a few minutes while
you melt the white chocolate.
-Do the same with the white chocolate-just spread it on top of the other chocolate and sprinkle the
peppermint pieces all over.
-Stick it back in the refrigerator.
-After it has become solid again you can either chop it into perfect sized pieces or you can break it up
with your hands. It all depends on what you prefer!

Because you read all the way through that recipe–here’s another just for you!
(Consider this the internet’s gift to you this year!)

Now, I tried something new this year, and let me tell ya’ I’ll be doing this one again!
Cookies N’ Cream Bark

(For those of you who love Cookies N’ Cream ice cream–this is the treat for you!)

Two ingredients!
White Chocolate Almond Bark Candy
Oreos (Whatever your favorite oreo is, use that kind! – even if that means that they’re mint oreos!)

How to make these::

-Beat up the oreos just like you did the candy canes. Set aside.
-Prepare your cookie sheet with wax paper.
-Melt the white chocolate like before.
-When it is melted, mix in the oreo pieces. (Make sure to leave some extra to sprinkle on the top!)
-Spread the mix over the cookie sheet and sprinkle some more of the crushed oreo across the top.
-Cool it in the refrigerator and then break or cut it up like you want it.

I hope you enjoy those recipes!
Let me know if you try them — or even if you make them a little different! I would love your feed back.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I pray that it’s filled with love, peace, and family!

Now, like I said, I will not be posting again until the holidays are over and possibly until after I move.
That means–no posts until February!

So, until we meet again! I love you guys!


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