DIY – How to Never Grow “Old”

(Photo from
— the whole site is in Spanish. It’s a pretty cool place to go if you’re looking for inspiration on how to
decorate a child’s room and even “childlike” “grown-up” rooms.

Well, here we are–finally a new post!  Goodness, it has been a crazy month! We’re finally moved in to our
new home and are loving it. I’m especially loving not having to climb three flights of stairs with groceries

Since I’ve been gone:
-Spent a week celebrating the holidays with our family
-Spent most of January packing up our apartment (mostly alone while Jason worked)
-We moved into our new home on February 1st -the next week and a half went to unpacking
-then I was as sick as a poor little dog for the whole next week
-and this week I’ve been relaxing and getting my immune system all happy again.
All of this going on while Jason started a new job that requires him to wake up at 5ish. Crazy, right? Waking
up so early and getting tired at 8 o’clock and passing out before 10 makes me feel like we’ve aged thirty years!

Something about getting married and trying to start a family has turned my mind into an old lady. I think
that’s mostly due to the fact that while I was growing up as a kid-I believed those were things that older
people did. So now that I’m in this place, I’m convinced that I’ve grown old. But I know I can’t be old-not
just because I’m still in my early twenties, but because I still want to be out with my friends late, I still want
to “loiter” in the mall courtyard and watch the mall cops get angry, to play in the sprinkler on a hot summer
day, to take a spontaneous road trip, to drive overnight to the beach to watch the sunrise, to change my hair
color once a week for a while, to turn the music up so loud in the car that all the people around turn to see what
all the “shenanagans” are about, to go outside and play, to roll down grassy hills and not think about itching,
every time I see a playground I immediately want to go play, and I want to laugh so hard that I cry –
everyday. I can’t be getting older because these are all things I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. But, then
again, when I put it into perspective so was getting married and having children of my own.

“Old” is a mindset. You can be a ninety-five year old woman and still be young. Yes, our bodies age-it’s
inevitable no matter what late night paid programming tells you. But our minds and hearts don’t have to age.
I’m sure that when I am that ninety-five year old woman, I’m still going to want to play out in the sprinkler
with my great-grandchildren.

I am not old, despite what goes through my head-and all of our lives will not change my mind. It doesn’t
matter that we’ve all grown up and are married, some with children, some working on their second marriage,
all with their cool jobs–that’s not what makes us “grown-ups”. What makes us “grown-ups” is maturity. And I
believe that maturity is being able to be okay with who you are and okay with the fact that you still want to go
play on that playground. (Don’t worry, everyone secretly does!) People often think that I’m “immature”
because I still laugh inappropriately loud in public and that I have no problem skipping through the mall, but
that just means they don’t quite understand TRUE maturity. (If you look up the definition for maturity-you’ll
find that it means “ripeness” and “perfected condition”.) Maturity is not a prune – it’s a plum!

I know I may sound like I’m rambling or talking in circles–but I mean well here. You can choose to be “old” or
you can choose to “never grow up” like peter pan. I recommend staying young and maturing into the fullness
of who you truly are in Christ. Hey, scripture does say you have to be childlike to enter the Kingdom
(Matthew 18:3) –there’s something to this guys. Everyone seems to address the issue of being “childlike in our
faith” – totally trusting God, but I believe there’s so much more to it. When you believe you’re old, you think “I
can’t do that, I’m too frail, I’m too tired, what will others think of me, I’m retired-I don’t have the means to do
that, I can’t have that, I’ve made far too many mistakes to deserve that, I can’t, I won’t.” Now think about
when you were very young, still naive to the sad things that go on around us, we thought more like this: “I can
do anything! I’m strong, I don’t wanna sleep, everyone wants to see what I can do, my daddy will pay for it,
can I have this? this? how about this?, what is deserve?, I will! Please oh please!”

See, there’s so much more to child-likeness than our faith. It’s an entire mindset of unstoppable.  If we had a
true revelation of the fact that we are called Children of God and joint Heirs with Christ, Kings and Priests, we
would not struggle with any of this.
We would be like this little girl::
Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”
(Yes, click that link ^^^^^ and watch the video!)

If you take nothing from this, at least remember that you’re not “old” unless you believe it and that’s it’s okay
to stay young and childlike–in fact it’s a requirement if you want to enter the Kingdom of God.
So relax people!

This is totally not what I came on here to talk about, but that’s alright!
I love you all and I’ve missed you!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday and I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!

7 Responses to “DIY – How to Never Grow “Old””
  1. wartica says:

    I totally agree ; thinking young , will help you stay young – with a healthy and active lifestyle of course 🙂 Great post and I look forward to sharing more 🙂

    • Totally true! I didn’t even address the healthy and active lifestyle–but that’s such a big part of it! And for those of you out there who hate “working out” to feel like “working out” go swing on the swing set–it’s great for your core, or try to climb across the monkey bars!! By the end of you fun day on the playground, you’ll be on your way to a healthy strong body!

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just the other day, when I was gathering groceries for my fiancé and I felt like an old lady. 😦 Then I felt blessed to be able to love and be loved. Oh silly me.

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