DIY – Growing Food From Your Pantry

The first day of spring is almost here (the 20th) –we’ve got 15 days left to go and I’m convinced that
I must have spring fever or something! All I want to do is be outside in the sun surrounded by new life.
Since moving into our new home, I’ve found that the three plants I have don’t seem to be enough to fill
the place to my liking. Therefore I’ve been searching out gardening projects that are cheap and simple
and productive! (The three plants I have currently are basil, oregano, and gerbera daises-all of which I
find to be super productive–I have fresh herbs for cooking and one of my favorite flowers to bloom.)

So, today, obviously I’ll be sharing a few projects with you that are cheap because you probably
already have the supplies in your kitchen, they’re simple because they require only a few steps, and
they’re productive because of course you can eat them when they get done growing! Ha!

First, I’ll share with you my favorite!
How to grow a pineapple–from a pineapple!!
Now, this idea has been trending lately and I’ve seen it all over Pinterest–and of course, there’s a reason
for it! What’s the reason? It’s incredibly easy and instantly gratifying.
If you want to know how to do this-just click the link below and go read the simple tutorial from a lovely
blog – A Nest for All Seasons.
Grow Your Own Pineapple

Now, did you know you can grow your own ginger without seeds? No, I’m not talking about growing
an adorable red headed child! All you need is just a chunk of the fresh ginger root you can buy at any
supermarket. It’s totally possible and incredibly easy!
This tutorial is also from A Nest for All Seasons
Grow Your Own Ginger

Now, this one I have to say is the easiest. Literally, all you need is those roots at the bottom of an onion
and a shallow dish of water. This tutorial is from, so we all know that it’s mapped out for you
in a simple step by step process!
Grow Your Own Onions

That’s enough of those for today! If you’ve done any of these before or if you try them, let
me know how it goes. I’d love to hear your feedback as I begin to try these!

To close us out today, I want to share a little project that I’ve been dieing to do for nearly
a year now!!

Yes, you’re seeing correctly–that is a plant inside a toy dinosaur! I am already in love with
creative and out of the box planters, but the fact that this little guy is a dinosaur just melts
my heart. If you wanted, you could use nearly any plastic toy out there in the toy world. This
here, ladies and gentlemen is my next project. I’ve seen many people doing this over the
last year – this particular dinosaur belongs to The Thrillz of Hillz – and you can click that link
(or the photo) to see a detailed tutorial on how to make one!

Have a wonderful evening everyone–I’ll be seeing you Wednesday!


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