How to Make a Girl Like Me Smile

I have neglected this poor blog all week – and to make it up to you guys I took some pictures of
some of the things that made me smile over the last three days.

So, here are the ingredients you need to make a girl like me smile.

Nothing quite like a homemade sweet iced tea! mmm.

I treated myself to some heart shaped ice cubes.

I bought this tiny bodied, huge headed Chewbacca for Jason yesterday. I couldn’t help myself!

Also, wal-mart is selling these majesty palms for $10! What a bargain, right??

Now, I got this owl from Target a couple weeks ago and he makes me smile everyday so I had to
add him to the list!

Yes, that’s exactly what it says it is. It’s a grunt from Halo in bobble head form! HA!
(I bought this little guy for Jason as well.)

Speaking of video games–my sister’s boyfriend, David, left a few video games at my house
including (obviously) modern warfare 3. I was very excited about this until…..

I opened it up and the game wasn’t in there. This was a very sad moment this week. It all got
better when he redeemed himself by buying me this…

An amazing $4 find at goodwill, huh?

Having a car to drive during the day while my husband is at work is amazing! I got to go hang
out with my family during the day–I kept saying “I feel like it’s my birthday or something.”

While I was outside, I figured I’d take a picture of the house because having a new place to live
makes me smile all the time. Plus, who could hold back a smile with my dog looking at them all
curious through the window.

The weather forecast made me almost laugh out loud with happiness today. I’ve missed this warm
weather. I just can’t wait for it to not to get below 70 in the evenings!
(ps…. sorry I actually took a picture of my computer screen! HA)

Random placement of seating makes me smile. No, I did not randomly place chairs in my living
room just to be strange. They’re actually left from Bible study the other night but made for an
amusing thing to see when I walked into the room this morning.

For the last picture today–of course I’m going to go with one of my pets! They make me smile all the
time… especially in moments like this. Zoe is the world’s worst about photo-bombing any of my
pictures of Hannah!

What kind of things do you see in your everyday life that make you smile?



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