Well I guess I’ll just go right out and say it, my grandpa passed away early may and we
buried his ashes yesterday…

and I don’t know what to say about it. I have a hundred things I could say — in fact, I’ve written
this post twice already and started over because nothing does it justice. I want to be able to
express to you guys what a great man my Grandpa really was and how much I loved him, but
there aren’t really words.

In reality, I’m very confused about the fact that he is gone. It somehow makes absolutely no
sense to me. (Yes, I understand the logic and what life and death truly are. Yes I know he’s
in Heaven and is able to experience the fullness of who God really is. I know that truly he is
alive.) The every day walk is what confuses me. He was just here and now he is not. Maybe
it was because he was so young. I had myself convinced he would live at least twenty more
years. I told my husband the other day (half joking) that despite Grandpa telling me many
times over the course of these last few years that he wasn’t going to be around forever that
I somehow believed he was immortal. I know that sounds silly and makes no sense at all –
but you don’t know who this man was to me or was to my family and all of those around him.
Never did I think I could be so naive. But then again, I’m glad it was that way.

I know people say all this nice stuff when someone dies – like they get over sentimental and
make it sound like they had something that they did not, or even that the person that has
passed was greater than they truly were. But in this case, that’s not the truth at all. I’m not
telling you anything I did not already feel about my Grandpa my whole life.

He’s the reason I like pecans – only if they’re fresh.
He’s the reason I like the smell of cigarettes even though I don’t smoke.
He’s the reason I’ll only watch a braves game if it’s a warm spring/summer night with all the lights
out except the TV and all the doors and windows are open because that’s just always how we did it.
He’s the reason I love fudge swirled vanilla ice cream.
He’s probably the reason I married a man who loves flannel as much as he does.
He’s the reason I learned how a man should treat a woman at a very young age.
(Only to name a few.)

I don’t have a lot of people in my life who have effected my everyday life like him. Seriously, it’s
a very short list. When I say that, I mean that there is very little I can do during the day that
doesn’t make me think of him because I’m seeing more and more what he’s done over the
course of my life to make sure I’m taken care of. And even better – I’ve gotten to see how he’s
done the same for many other people.

I love my Grandpa and I can’t wait to see him again… but I miss him now.

Fishing with Grandpa
(Here’s a link to the post where I introduced you guys to my Grandpa.)

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our family and doing everything you know
to do – I pray that the Lord blesses you in return.
I love you guys.

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