While I’ve Been Gone

Well guys, it seems I’ve been MIA again! I’ve made a terrible habit of this the
last 7 months! Maybe longer than that… 2012 has been a crazy, busy,
emotional rollercoaster for me and I’m glad that right now I feel a little more
stable. So, I’m going to fill you all in on what you missed lately because I
simply was not writing.

-We broke our computer… (haha I say “we” because I don’t want to expose
who actually did it!) Somehow the AC jack got jammed into the computer
somewhere and the adapter got broken. No worries though, I’m a beast and
took the entire computer apart to fix it last night and it’s in good health again.
We still need an adapter though which hopefully we can get soon…

-Because of all of this–we’ve been borrowing David’s notebook the last few
months that he so generously offered when he found out that we do
everything via internet. hahaaha

-My sister Sierra is getting married to David (yes, the guy just mentioned
above) on September 15th! He’s really awesome, and I count it a huge blessing
to have him added to our family!

-I turned 23 on May 24th. (ps, I can’t wait until I turn 24–I’ve litterally been
waiting since I was 8 years old to turn 24 on the 24th… haha I know that
sounds ridiculous, but it’s the reason I want to live to be 124!)

-Jason and I have been married for over two years now… our anniversary is
on May 23rd (the day before my birthday.) I actually went wedding dress
shopping with Sierra on our anniversary (also with my mom and grandma!)
and let me tell you – to see your beautiful sister in her wedding dress for the
first time is an amazing anniversary gift!

-We have a new kitten added to our little family. Jason brought him home
from work a few days before our anniversary and my birthday (at 5 weeks…
he was so tiny and we had to feed him formula) and he told me that he was
my gift for both days. He knew that’s not how it works (haha) so he made
me brownies and margaritas for my birthday when he got home from work.
Yes, I know… what a good man. heehee!

-Now, that cute kitty got a little sick… well actually his poo was sick.. he was
totally oblivious. It was a big fiasco driving his poo to the vet… more like a
smelly fiasco. He seems pretty good now though-I’m not worried.

-Hannah (my other cat who I think is 12 now) became very sick for a while.
Her third eyelid was showing all the time in both eyes…it got bad enough that
she was walking into stuff. She was loosing weight at a crazy rate and I
thought we had reached the end of her… She litterally got better overnight.
The power of prayer is a big thing guys. God is way bigger than any doctor or
vet out there!

-ps… my poor kitten is teething. Actually, it should be poor ME, my kitten is
teething! He just bit the fire out of my hand!

-I’m still not pregnant, but unlike a couple months ago, I’m strangely okay
and almost happy with it. I’m glad it’s taken just over a year and a half… (I
know–never thought I’d say that–but here we are.)
We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other not to mention growing
in more ways we thought possible. (That reminds me–next blog post, I’ll have
to tell you guys about the dream I had the other day!)

-Jason has a new job as of last Thursday. He ended is other job on last
Wednesday. hahaa… actually he tried to put in a two weeks notice like a good
normal person and was told to basicly pack his things and GO! There’s a lot of
drama going on with that last job and last paycheck–just keep that in your
prayers. I won’t go into details because I’m still pretty angry about it. In fact, I
woke up more angry than I was going to sleep… and I wasn’t really all that
angry last night. I don’t like it when people mess with those I love.

-I’m planning a really awesome wedding shower for Sierra and David (I love
coed showers!). Things seem to just be falling into place for it. I love it when
God has His hand on something! (I’ll make sure to post pictures when that
comes around.)

-Did I mention that my kitten talks a lot? He literally meows almost all day.
It’s strange, ridiculously cute, and occasionally incredibly annoying. (I’ll post
pictures of him soon as well.)

There’s probably a million more things I could update you on… but my
husband is awake now and I’d like to go hang out with him for a while before
David wakes up too. (Yes, David stays at our house on the weekends so he can
spend time with Sierra and us awesome peoples. We have a lot of fun goofing
off and playing lots of video games which makes me one happy lady.)
Yes, Jason isn’t working on Saturday! (Another nice thing about this new job.)
I’ve missed having him home on Saturday mornings.

Speaking of missing… I’ve missed you guys and I’ve definitely missed writing.
I’m not really sure why I haven’t done this more often lately! I felt pretty bad
after ranting at the world and God because I wasn’t pregnant yet. God really
used that to show me how much I was in my own head and how selfish I have
been. I have so many people in my life who have just had beautiful babies or
are currently pregnant – and I can honestly say I am beyond thrilled for them!
Yes, I do have moments where my heart aches a little bit–but it’s usually
followed with such joy in their joy! This is how the body of Christ should
function – that we rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who
mourn. When we see one rejoicing, our automatic response should be joy and
excitement for them and even feel that for ourselves – after all, we are
connected. We are ONE body. When we see one who is in mourning, our first
response shouldn’t be to try to cheer them up. Cry with them, mourn over
what they are mourning for, let it hurt in your own heart too. Yes, help them
up and move into a place of rejoicing, but remember it’s a process. Don’t
neglect the fact that they may still be hurting, but do remind them of all the
wonderful things they have to rejoice for! Treat everyone as you would want
to be treated–and treat all as if they were Jesus in your life. We are His Body,
are we not?

2 Responses to “While I’ve Been Gone”
  1. I’m glad you’re back! Also glad to hear about the joy- it is awesome isn’t it? God is good ALL the time and ALL the time God is good. Seasons of mourning happen sometime, but the seasons of joy seem the sweetest of all 🙂

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