Another Pickle Jar Problem…

Well, here I am again, and I can’t get the dang pickle jar opened. So this post is for
all of you who tried all the methods in my last post on this subject to no avail.

I’ve been craving delicious dill pickles this whole last week. I even got one of those
pickles in a bag things you can buy at gas stations (which by the way are amazing
if you’ve been skeptical like me.) So last night Jason and I went grocery shopping
and of course we got pickles. I didn’t even stop to think about making sure I could
open it last night–because at the time all I could think about was ice cream. But
here I am today trying to get this thing open and nothing is working. I need Jason to
get home so I can find out whether or not I’m crazy or just weak (the latter being
much less likely – ha!)

So in conclusion of this random rambling — it’s quite possible that my most frequented
post may be totally useless in your situation. You may just have to throw your glass
jar of pickles on the concrete to get them out. (May I suggest putting it in a giant zip-lock
bag first to prevent stepping on glass later on the way to your car. Also, check for glass
in the pickles before you eat them.)

Here’s that post on how to open your pickle jar:
I Can’t Open My Pickle Jar!!

6 Responses to “Another Pickle Jar Problem…”
  1. Pickles and ice cream…. you aren’t expecting are you??

  2. Anastacia says:

    I was having the same problem i end up taking my frustration out on the jar with a kitchen knife then are crock remover. I got a tiny hole then i shake it a bit then the top came off really easy.

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