Big News!

Why are all these people so happy and excited??

My mamma :]



Front left: Jason’s mom, Back left: Jason’s Dad
Front right: Jason’s sister Rachel, Back right: Jason’s uncle Stephen
Heehee their facial expressions make me chuckle!

My sister Sierra and (now my brother-in-law!) David


Jenna (heehee this one gets me laughing everytime!)

Shaun (or Shaunzi Fonzi)


Heehee all their faces make me happy :]
Wanna know why they’re so excited?

Let me show you a new favorite person in my life…

NOPE, your eyes are not fooling you! That is little baby Griffin you are looking at
right there! This ultrasound was at 9 weeks 6 days (LNMP system… or 7 weeks
6 days if you’re counting from conception.) A tiny 2 inches right there.
It’s amazing to think that at some point in time you were a tiny 2 inch baby!

So, it seems the question I get asked most often (and probably will continue
to be until baby is here) is how far along I am. I start the second trimester
on Friday (already!) It’s amazing how fast time flies… and I’m sure the rest
of this process will just continue to fly by.
Just to let you all know I woul’ve been on here posting this weeks and weeks
ago, but I’ve either been incredibly busy or incredibly tired/lazy!

Speaking of busy, I have a little news update! Sierra and David got married
on September 15th and that news is as exciting to me as this little bundle
eating all my food! I’m so excited for them and I’m so happy to see them

Now so far, pregnancy has been pretty pleasant. I expected all the horror
stories and wonderful stories I have heard so much about. You know,
constant Exorsist like puking, bad headaches, growing amazing thick hair,
beautiful nails, and glowing… so much glowing.
It’s literally been nothing like that. I have not puked… not once. I have less
headaches than I ever have in my life, my hair seems to always be falling out,
my nails breaking, and my skin breaking out. Oh, and might I mention crying
in Target after a big laughing fit.

(Little disclaimer for all of you sick pregnant ladies out there that want to hit
me right now—even though I have not evacuated my stomach contents I did
have some pretty significant nausea and heartburn that lasted pretty close to
all day for a couple weeks early on. And I still have heartburn anytime I eat
barely past the full feeling and if I don’t get food in my stomach quick enough
[about every two hours].     See, no one is perfect.)

A little funny fact: when I wrote my last blog post I had only known I was
pregnant for a few hours. All that pickles and ice cream business was the day
before when I was still in denial. I think God was picking on me because I kept
refusing to believe I was pregnant. heehee I have not craved pickles and ice
cream since then! I still eat pickles of course… but not any more than I ever
have, which might I say is all the time!

Speaking of… I think I’ll go eat some. I hope you all are doing wonderful – and
I pray that God pours out His blessings on you today!

4 Responses to “Big News!”
  1. ShaunDog says:

    I don’t know if this comment will post or not since I’m not a member. I’m SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! You and Jason will make one crazy kid haha. I look forward to meeting him/her when I can finally make it home :-). I love you, kid

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