Barrett Wedding Photos and More Great News!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season. I know, I
promised wedding pictures of my lovely sister Sierra and new brother David-
and I just have not delivered.
Don’t worry—you can scroll down and see them in just a minute!
Before we get into the beautiful pictures, I have some more great news! Sierra
and David are expecting their own little munchkin!! Yup, they got pregnant 3
weeks into their marriage! ( Think God calls them blessed?? ;] )
Their little one is 10 and a half weeks younger than our little one which will be
absolutely amazing for them as they grow up together. God is doing some
amazing things in our lives and I believe there are many more amazing things
and changes on their way.

My title in this world is getting ready to grow from daughter, loving wife, sister,
and friend to all those things plus mommy and aunt. Seriously, I couldn’t be
more thrilled! As much as the added responsibility is a little scary-it’s a dream
come true for me. I’m just as excited as I would be if I became an astronaut after
dreaming it up in the first grade or even a vet after wanting to do that all through
elementary and middle school… I’ve wanted to be a mother for as long as I can
remember-and to be an aunt is like God just leaned down and gave me a big ol’
kiss right on my face.
I apologize for not posting for you guys–but for the last 6 months, I haven’t wanted
to touch this blog with a 10 foot pole. I didn’t understand what it was that bothered
me. Well, along with my title changes… the blog is going to see some changes. I’m
not sure exactly what it’ll begin to look like-but it’ll be different and it’ll be right. So
please be patient with me as I work this out.

Now on to pictures—I know that’s what you’re really here to see!
(And for all of you facebook friends of mine–you’ve probably seen these :D)

my absolute favorite. :]

Sierra wore David’s jersey to get ready in.
Mother and Daughter. This one in b&w makes me tear up. heehee

They prayed together before the wedding and then David prayed when he welcomed
everyone to come and eat their first meal together as communion.

All photos from the ceremony were taken by my aunt Athenia 😀 (Obviously I
couldn’t take those for Sierra and David! heehee) Isn’t this beautiful?!



Husband and wife! (love David’s face here)

Buttercream—and better yet, the middle layer was red velvet! yum yum yum


Table decorations, the program (also doubled as a fan), and the bridesmaid’s

And of course, the Bride’s bouquet. :]

I hope you liked your little sneak peak into their wedding. It was so much more
beautiful in person than could’ve ever been caught on camera!

Well, since baby is making trying to make me very aware of them self by wiggling
around like a little dancer inside of me–I’ll share our newest picture with you!
Our twenty week ultrasound 😀 Look at baby’s little hand on their face and the
other suspended like little dots above the belly! heehee so cute. Can you believe
baby already weighed a pound at 20 weeks?!
So, obviously I’m already over half way done with this pregnancy! I am 22 weeks
and 5 days today.
Time is really flying by.

Well, you guys… it’s come to that time.. you know the time to end this post.
If I do not post for another two months, I apologize and ask you to stay
patient with me. I love all of you guys and I hope you have a wonderful


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