Germophobes, Homophobes, and Butt-heads

(Missing my feet…)

Well, I’m glad to announce that my brain has started working again.
I can finally think about something other than baby baby baby.
No one warns you about that in all the pregnancy talk — no one ever
says that you’ll become impossible to talk to about anything other than
babies, baby stuff, and weird things that happen to your body because
you’re carrying a baby. It’s actually kind of ridiculous — enough so, that
I would complain to my husband, Jason, that I wanted my brain back. I
wanted to be able to think about something different and past my own
strangely growing belly. As much as I miss being able to see my own feet,
I miss this blog, I miss good conversation, and I miss my brain.
Thankfully, God has answered my prayers – and I have my brain back.
(Or at least for the last week…) Ah, and I have it back before the baby
has even arrived. (He’s due to arrive in a week and 6 days.)

The annoying thing about having your brain back–is you get to see the
world again through your normal filters. I’ve begun to see so much hate
and ugliness lately that I often feel physically sick. I’m not even talking
about “the world” in Christian lingo… I’m talking about Christians
themselves. (Or those who claim to be.) I’m so confused about what is

Let’s just talk about what’s happening on facebook – simply because
this is where I see most of this craziness go down. It’s people who call
themselves Christians that are arguing just for the sake of winning the
argument, who are hating on the homosexual population, our president,
and who are critical of you if you refuse to boycott some non-Christian
owned business. People who call themselves my family (whether by blood
of by the blood of Jesus) and are old enough to know better have lashed
out at me, while people who have not at all claimed to be Christians or even
a few who do but are young and are often looked down on or ignored in
“church” situations have been nothing but loving and understanding of me
and others. I’m confused as to why “the world” seems to understand honor
and love better than “the church”.

This seriously breaks by heart.

I’m often left feeling helpless and very very small. I know that if I were to post
a picture up of myself on my facebook standing with a few friends who are
homosexual, or are not dressed in enough clothing, or are covered from head
to toe in piercings and tattoos – all at Starbucks… I probably would be crucified!
(figuratively speaking, of course.) Oh, especially if I were to say “I love these
guys!” or “We had such a fun night!”

Let me ask you a question.
Who did Jesus hang out with?

We in the Christian world loveeeee to pick on the religious leaders of Jesus’ day…
because, well, they were kind of butt-heads. But THEY’RE the ones who ridiculed
Jesus for the one’s He loved on. You never saw Jesus boycott anything. In fact, it
would’ve been common to find him hanging out in a place where there were
“drunks” and prostitutes. (You’ve got to know-that probably wasn’t in a business
owned and run solely by a Godly person.) In fact, He had no problem spending
time with lepers! (You know… the “untouchables”.)

We need to grow up.
It’s time for the church to stop being such a bunch of germophobes, homophobes,
and butt-heads. We are called to so much more than this. They will know who we
are by our love for each other – if we can’t even love one another, no wonder we’re
having such a hard time loving “the world.”

I’m not trying to be mean.
I’m not trying to upset anyone.
I am – on the other hand – trying to get you to look around.
Something is VERY wrong, and it’s time for a change.

You are called to more than this.
You are called to a higher standard.
Not to look down off your high horse… but to embrace the ones Jesus loves.
He loves YOU — how could you not be so compelled to love others?

2 Responses to “Germophobes, Homophobes, and Butt-heads”
  1. I could not agree with you more! Some of the things that “the Church” do seem to run in the opposite direction to what Jesus used to do. Thank you for standing up and saying something about it

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