Coffee, How I Wish to Love Thee

photo credit : nuskaonline

I’m not a morning person. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. If I could be up all night and then sleep until
three in the afternoon, I would be thrilled. BUT I have responsibilities like feeding my baby boy and
pets, making sure the dog is taken outside in the freezing cold air to do her business, keeping the cats
from murdering each other – or disturbing the neighbors while they try to do so, entertaining said boy,
and managing all the things that go on in our household (like the maintenance man coming over while
I’m also babysitting my niece – 7 weeks younger than Isaac.) These things make me get up in the morning.
Don’t get me wrong – I love my life – I just don’t like mornings. They make my stomach hurt. I however do
like the sunrise, the goodmorning kisses I get from Isaac, and the big grin on sweet Lily’s face when she
realizes she at my house while I get to watch her once or twice a week. It’s worth it to be up in the morning.
I’m just a zombie. My mind is running a million miles an hour the moment my eyes pop open but my
body and face are, well, zombie like. This is when the title comes in to play… I hate coffee. Okay, hate is
a strong word, but I really don’t like it. I LOVE the way it smells and it’s rich warm color – but the moment
it hits my tongue I’m immediately let down. I can drink fancy little frappuccinos, although they give me a
massive headache – but who wants to go through the trouble of making one of those in the morning. Plus,
they’re cold. That’s another thing I hate – cold. In fact I was dreaming that it was snowing outside last night
because it got too cold in my house. I cried in my dream. This was not like snow day. This was a little snow
and me crying about it. I would love to be able to make coffee in the morning (or better yet, have a machine
set to have it ready for me), have the yummy smell fill my house, and be like the rest of America and drink
my energy. But I don’t. Don’t even own a coffee maker. Yep, that’s true. Now, I do like tea – especially
pomegranate green tea. It’s sooooooo good. But In my zombie like state in the morning, I don’t even
remember I have tea, or even a coffee mug. It’s usually around lunch time that I begin to feel somewhat
normal. That’s four and a half hours to wake up.
I feel like if I could just love coffee and have a machine make it for me in the morning – my life would be
so much more efficient. Unfortunately, according to my taste buds, I cannot change what I love and hate.

So here’s to you, coffee. You lie to me with your scent and betray me with your taste. You win.

5 Responses to “Coffee, How I Wish to Love Thee”
  1. Meagan says:

    Hey , I read your blog and I agree the taste can be gross at times unless the right amount of sweet and spice and everything nice is in it. However green tea is good and healthy. I have samples of an inexpensive, organic coffee that is prebrewed so not pot needed!! I have green tea also I’ll let you try. The tea is organic too. i can drive it too you and meet. You get energy, its decaf , and its got a lot of antioxidants! In the meantime you can discover more about it on my website. There is a special to get your order free if you share three samples . I’ll be in touch with you again lovely!! Happy sipping!!

  2. Stephanie (Mom) says:

    I hate coffee too but I guess that is probably where you get that from haha 🙂 I can get you a coffee maker for christmas and you can add yummy flavor creamers.

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