Royal Superheros and a Blood Hungry World


You can buy that cute little happy skull on a t-shirt here!

While I do know that Halloween is over, there are a few things I think need to be discussed. This is prompted by three different posts by Christian bloggers I read on the subject. Better to discuss them now and give everyone a year to think about it than to discuss it two days before Halloween in order to pressure you to agree with my opinions or make you feel guilty for yours.

Now, growing up we didn’t celebrate Halloween. Trick-or-treating is something I snuck and did once with some friends in high school. (I know, I was such a rebel) I have a sister who called it the Devil’s birthday while we were growing up and reamed out our (adult) neighbors over the issue. It was a huge no-no in the church, and people were lead to feel guilty over letting their children dress up even if they stayed home. You were supposed to turn off all the lights and hide out in your rooms until the sun came up. Luckily, I have an awesome mom who insisted that we go out and do something unusual and fun to get out of the house – we even went to Helen one year, had dinner, and went into interesting shops. It snowed that night. It’s a fond memory – and I never felt like I was missing out.
Once I began nearing “adulthood”, I noticed my opinions begin to change a little on the subject. Small children would come to the door bright eyed, red faced from the chill in the air, and full of hope and excitement. They would skip down the driveway with treats in their buckets and their imaginations ablaze. In those moments they were not themselves, they were superheros, royalty, and fictional characters brought to life – and even strangers addressed them as such. A night where their dreams were realities and people were kind.
Here in America if someone knocked on our door randomly and told us they were hungry, we would slam the door in their face before they finished telling us what was going on… or in many cases not even answer the door in fear that they were trying to sell us something or rob us. I learned something amazing about the people of South Africa while I was there a few years ago. If you lose your job and become homeless, you can knock on someone’s door and they will feed you. Simple as that. No questions asked. In fact I saw it happen multiple times. Someone would knock on the door of the home we would be staying in, our host would answer, exchange a few words, then they would go make a few sandwiches, open that door with a smile, and feed that complete stranger. It was the good I had seen in our American Halloween – except it is how they live their every day.

So, with all of that in mind, this year I really had to examine how I felt about these things now that I have a child of my own. My conclusion is that it’s not really all that big of a deal if Christmas is not a big deal. (I know, I may have struck a nerve there, but please stay and continue reading.) The church says Christmas is about the birth of our savior Jesus… and while we do celebrate it that way, that is not where it originated. (Seriously folks, if you don’t know the real origins of Christmas, take a little time and do a google search. It’s interesting stuff.

Another thing I hear Christians complain about Halloween is that its a day to celebrate death, spider webs and poisonous spiders, axe murderers, skeletons, zombies, vampires, blood, and fear.

Well, let me just tell you… those Christians need to break out their Bibles more often! Those things are actually celebrated or are written about in a positive light in scripture. Don’t believe me?

Death. Its something we all face. Its something that we’re all touched by. Its something God created and is not afraid of. To live is Christ and to die is gain, people. (Philippians 1:21) Why can’t we celebrate our great legacy of those who have passed on before us. Death, where is your victory, where is your sting? (1 Corinthians 15:55) For us Christians, death is something we believe is simply a doorway or a birth into our eternity. What is not to celebrate? If it was not for death and the life that comes with it, we would not have our salvation.

Spider webs and poisonous spiders are a part of every day life. This time of year there are spider webs everywhere! Spiders eat mosquitos and I think that’s awesome. Why not celebrate the end of mosquito season by celebrating God’s cool creation – the spider.
(Genesis 1:24 AMP talks of the “creeping things” God created) With all this in mind, I may begin to incorporate spiders into my pretty fall decor from now on!

Axe murderers. My favorite topic to cover today. You’re probably wondering how in the world this crazy, clearly terrible Christian girl is going to get away with this one.
One word.
See, I told you that your Bible would come in handy…
We all know about Samuel. The super awesome prophet dude who crowned the first kings of Israel. Hannah’s son. The one she had such a hard time conceiving until God answered her prayer. The one that heard God calling his name in the temple when he was a small child and he thought it was Eli? Yeah, that Samuel. A very celebrated man amongst believers. In fact, it’s at the very top of my baby name list-and has been since I was very young.
Ever heard the story where he “hacks” up Agag into pieces? Yeah, it’s a messy one. He’s not only an “axe murderer” but clearly a butcher. If you want to talk about the things gore films are made of… this is the epitome of it all. (I recommend reading the story – 1 Samuel 15. The “hacking” happens in verse 33.)

Skeletons. This one really gets me. I got Isaac some cute black pajamas with a glow in the dark skeleton on them recently. It took me a month of looking at them in the store to purchase them. This religious thing in my head kept saying, but skeletons represent death. And don’t even get me started on skulls. The pajamas were so cute and perfect for Isaac and I wanted them. After thinking on it for a while, I had a little flashback to my highschool anatomy class. Outside of chorus and drama, this was my favorite. I had lots of friends in there and we got to study God’s amazing creation. Every tiny thing matters and scientists still haven’t figured out what everything means. We memorized every bone in the body. A skeleton stood in the corner of our classroom every day. It is the foundation; the frame of the human body. Blood filters through the marrow of those bones. Our skull is what gives shape to our face. So much of our identity is wrapped up in it. If a skull is found, it is used to reconstruct the face to determine it’s person. It’s an amazing and vital part of our lives! Elisha’s bones gave life to a man! (Speaking of zombies and bones 2 Kings 13:21) So I got Isaac those pajamas. They look adorable on him and when he wears them (even though he’s still young) I tell him that he has bones too, that they’re important, and that God made them just for him. Then I will squeeze his little limbs and say the names of his bones to him. He finds great joy in this.

Zombies. Don’t think that reanimation is a real thing? What about Lazarus? He came walking out of his tomb. (wrapped up like a mummy) Did you know the dead raised out of their graves when Jesus was crucified? (Who we all know rose again-you know, when we celebrate Easter) While our modern day take on zombies is a little different, and while its probably not best to expose our small children to the mindless bloody brain hunger of zombies, many of the zombie stories out there right now actually depict the zombies as humans who have contracted a disease. If its just a disease, then we can fix that! We know the cure! Why not let our children be the royal superheroes they are and get out there praying for their zombie friends? A little love goes a long way.
(Lazarus raises from the dead John 11:38-44)
(The saints coming out of their graves is written about here Matthew 27:45-55 – it actually happens in verses 52 and 53)

Vampires, much like zombies are hungry. While they may not be after the flesh, they are, however, all for the blood. Its what they live off of. Now, I know there are scriptures that warn of this issue… but we’re going to focus on Jesus here. He told his disciples to eat of his flesh and to drink of his blood; and while He did not actually feed those things to them, He was trying to explain to them that He is the giver of life. Its His body and His blood that are our salvation. This great interest of blood hungry “scary” creatures in our country right now only speaks of their unknown hunger for Life.
(The last passover meal eaten by Jesus and His disciples Luke 22:19,29)

Blood. Oh, there’s power in the blood. When I think about Halloween I think about Passover. I see all the “scary” front porches awaiting the passersby and think about blood on doorposts. Can you imagine what it looked like in Egypt when the Israelites spread lamb’s blood over their doorposts in obedience to God so that when He passed through Egypt in the night they would not lose their first born sons? Can you imagine the stench they would wake to that next morning and how it would get worse sitting in the sun along side hearing the mourning of all the Egyptian parents (who refused God the Creator) after their great loss? Like our bones, blood is vital for our life. It pumps through our veins and keeps us alive and well. If our blood is sick, we are sick. If we lose too much, we die. Jesus is the lamb. His blood was shed to cover our doorposts to save us; to ultimately free us from all bondage. His blood is what washes us clean. It’s the blood that makes us “white as snow”; a pure and perfect bride. The blood is to be celebrated.
(The last plague to strike Egypt – Exodus 12)

Fear. Its last on this list, but its what Halloween is all about. Haunted houses and the boogeyman are the main attraction. Any form of the supernatural world is searched out. People ask about ghosts and demons. They wonder if angels are real. The world is searching for the answer while we hide in our rooms in hopes that the trick-or-treaters will think we’re not there. Fear is not a bad thing if it’s a Godly fear. We have reverence; a respectful understanding that God is bigger than us kind of fear. Its time we stop being afraid of what our fellow church goers are going to think about our decisions. We’ve got to pray for answers on how to raise our own children and do what God says is best for our own. Every person has to work out their own salvation. Every person has to live their own life. There is no reason for the things of Halloween to make us afraid. God didn’t give us a SPIRIT OF FEAR, but instead gave us power, love, and a sound mind! It’s time we use those things and do some good. Lets learn to live our lives in that healthy Godly fear all the time and do those things He asks of us that make us uncomfortable.

For our lives we simply can not have a double standard. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. (James 1:8) If we can redeem the 25th of December and Easter into Resurrection Sunday then we can redeem the 31st of October. If you don’t feel comfortable celebrating, then don’t. But maybe let’s teach our children the truth behind the “scary”. Let’s tell them that its been twisted and turned into something that’s simply not true. Let them know that “scary”, by the world’s standards, doesn’t exist. WE are the scary ones. We serve a supernatural God who could make us disappear at any moment! Instead, like the good Papa that He is, loves us violently and takes care of us.

All in all, what I’m trying to say here is that we’ve got to stop letting the world tell us what’s scary. What’s actually scary is leaving a blood hungry world to starve.


Here’s our babyman in his new glow in the dark skeleton t-shirt he got from his aunt Sierra! I want him to grow up totally confident in his identity as a royal superhero.


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