Royal Superheros and a Blood Hungry World

You can buy that cute little happy skull on a t-shirt here! While I do know that Halloween is over, there are a few things I think need to be discussed. This is prompted by three different posts by Christian bloggers I read on the subject. Better to discuss them now and give everyone a … Continue reading

Germophobes, Homophobes, and Butt-heads

(Missing my feet…) Well, I’m glad to announce that my brain has started working again. I can finally think about something other than baby baby baby. No one warns you about that in all the pregnancy talk — no one ever says that you’ll become impossible to talk to about anything other than babies, baby … Continue reading

Baby Feet, the Crazies, and French Fries

So, you guys… I decided to write here today. I swear, I’ve got to be the most inconsistent blogger out there! heehee Especially after staying very consistent until we moved to a new home. This does not go to say that I don’t write still—I just don’t post it all here. Some things I just … Continue reading

Big News!

Why are all these people so happy and excited?? My mamma :] Dad Jeffy Front left: Jason’s mom, Back left: Jason’s Dad Front right: Jason’s sister Rachel, Back right: Jason’s uncle Stephen Heehee their facial expressions make me chuckle! My sister Sierra and (now my brother-in-law!) David Grandma Jenna (heehee this one gets me laughing everytime!) … Continue reading

DIY – How to Never Grow “Old”

(Photo from — the whole site is in Spanish. It’s a pretty cool place to go if you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate a child’s room and even “childlike” “grown-up” rooms. Well, here we are–finally a new post!  Goodness, it has been a crazy month! We’re finally moved in to our new … Continue reading

Unsure Steps

(I know… disturbing picture, right?) My sister and I used to fight a lot growing up. In fact, we rarely got in trouble for anything but fighting. When we did get in trouble, our mom would ground us and tell us that we had to learn to like each other and get along before we … Continue reading

Funny God.

I found something that made me chuckle this morning, and I wanted to share with you guys. It started while I was researching out the “blood” in scripture. (I can’t seem to get enough!) This verse came up in my search that was in the midst of Jacob prophesying over his sons (specifically to Judah) … Continue reading

He Screams “Innocent”

Addressing a hot topic today–it’s the eleventh of November in the year two-thousand and eleven– better yet known as 11/11/11. It seems no matter where I search on the internet today-everyone is asking “what does it mean?” Well, I’ll tell you what I believe it means. This is very broad so it will be a … Continue reading

“let that be enough”

Often I feel my world is quaking and the ground is crumbling beneath my feet But reality is, it’s only me that’s shaking and I’m the one causer of my defeat. What it feels like…                                                                                                                        Reality. [earthquake … Continue reading

Here we are – September

The other day Jason took me to a drive in theater (yes, they do still exist-and yes, they are a lot of fun). Well, on the way home from our late night out, we passed this random sign on the side of the road that said “Will we see you in September?” and immediately I … Continue reading

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