Oh, Bite Me!!

Hello friends! For all of you who use facebook – you’re in for a treat! If you’re looking for some delicious, healthy, and quick recipes that are budget friendly – you really will want to go check out this page! “Like” it and get yummy recipes in your feed everyday! I can’t help but drool … Continue reading

Baby Feet, the Crazies, and French Fries

So, you guys… I decided to write here today. I swear, I’ve got to be the most inconsistent blogger out there! heehee Especially after staying very consistent until we moved to a new home. This does not go to say that I don’t write still—I just don’t post it all here. Some things I just … Continue reading

DIY – How to Never Grow “Old”

(Photo from DecoPeques.com) — the whole site is in Spanish. It’s a pretty cool place to go if you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate a child’s room and even “childlike” “grown-up” rooms. Well, here we are–finally a new post!  Goodness, it has been a crazy month! We’re finally moved in to our new … Continue reading

Recipes for the Body (part 2)

Last DIY Monday I talked about different grocery items you can use as beauty products. Today, I’m going to finish up the last few items on that list. Grocery List for Beauty Water Baking soda Olive oil Apples Salt Sugar Lemon Avocado —————————— Apple cider vinegar Cornstarch Cocoa powder (If you want to read about … Continue reading

Pizza Bar

Still popping out football party recipes for you! What says “party” more than that one word — PIZZA! And instead of passing around a collection jar to pay for overpriced delivery pizza, why not make our own? I think having a “pizza bar” would do the trick! It would be complete with lots of toppings, … Continue reading

Recipes for the Body (part 1)

So, it seems everyone is talking about trying to save a little money here and there, because let’s face it, money is tight for many of us. In order to save a little money myself, I’ve been experimenting with many home made beauty products. (All ingredients coming right out of the pantry!) Obviously, today’s  DIY … Continue reading

Fails, Fleas, Success, and Dinner.

Fail of the Week:: We still had a few fleas until yesterday! I have only seen one in the last 17 hours, so that’s good. It jumped onto my arm almost as if in panic trying to get off our couch that I had sprinkled with baking soda and salt to dehydrate them. There are … Continue reading

Low Fat Recipes

Well, as you all can see, I missed posting yesterday for all of you! I spent the day with my sister. We went to a local pet store, wandered around Cost Plus World Market, and then shopped at the mall. It was a nice break from the regular routine. So, because I missed yesterday’s post–I’m … Continue reading

Those Pesky Fleas.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a little bit of a flea problem. I thought I had killed them all before I went out of town, but when I got home our poor cat was covered. Today, I can say she has none. What did I do? More like… what did I NOT … Continue reading

Low Calorie Finger Foods

(Photo credit: Ucreate Parties) (And yes, popcorn is a low calorie finger food!) Back to party food now that the football season is passing us by! T.G.I. Friday’s potato skins… we all know them. They’re amazingly delicious. The sad news is that they’re about 250 calories for one full sized skin (which is like two … Continue reading

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