Stationery Card View the entire collection of cards. Isaac’s Birth Announcement! Yes, my sweet boy is here – and I have neglected this blog in order to spend as much time with my little man as I could! He is now creeping up on 3 months and I decided it was time to share with … Continue reading

Fresh Air, Sunshine, and a Baby Bump.

Taken at 3 weeks from our little man’s due date. :] We cannot wait to meet you, Isaac!

Barrett Wedding Photos and More Great News!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season. I know, I promised wedding pictures of my lovely sister Sierra and new brother David- and I just have not delivered. Don’t worry—you can scroll down and see them in just a minute! Before we get into the beautiful pictures, I have some more great … Continue reading

How to Make a Girl Like Me Smile

I have neglected this poor blog all week – and to make it up to you guys I took some pictures of some of the things that made me smile over the last three days. So, here are the ingredients you need to make a girl like me smile. Nothing quite like a homemade sweet … Continue reading

Thin Mint Truffles

Hello everyone! I have a recipe for you (obviously a day late). I figured that Thin Mint truffles would work well because right now we’re in girl scout cookie season. It’s super easy (like truffles always are) and you’ll have everyone believing that you’re an amazing chef! Let’s get down to business! Ingredients: -Thin Mints … Continue reading

Guest Writer!

[We have our first guest writer today… Here is Sierra, my sister, she’s going to talk to you all for a little bit!] (Pictured above – Sierra, taken by me this past summer) NO I’M NOT!! Yes you are! NO! YES! ok 🙂 Hello 🙂 I’m the infamous Sierra! Ashley and I have so much … Continue reading

Pizza Bar

Still popping out football party recipes for you! What says “party” more than that one word — PIZZA! And instead of passing around a collection jar to pay for overpriced delivery pizza, why not make our own? I think having a “pizza bar” would do the trick! It would be complete with lots of toppings, … Continue reading

A Successful Week. (Photo Shoot)

Strangely enough, I don’t really have a “fail of the week” for you guys today! I know… weird! I do have a bit of a success though! I finally did the photo shoot with my sister, Sierra, that I’ve been wanting to do. I only have a few of the photos edited so far and … Continue reading

DIY Birdfeeder Haul and New Schedule

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been so inconsistent with my posting–sometimes life gets a little busy or crowded. From now on I have a schedule! So here it is for you guys: Monday – DIY Project Wednesday – Delicious Recipe Just for You Friday – Fail of the Week (and I may just throw in … Continue reading

Fail of the Week & the Harvest Moon

I apologize that I missed Fail of the Week Friday, I was helping out some friends set up for their wedding. So, obviously I did not have an official Fail of the Week-at least I didn’t think so… until I saw this photo that was snapped at the wedding! Haha, I’m not sure what I … Continue reading

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