Barrett Wedding Photos and More Great News!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season. I know, I promised wedding pictures of my lovely sister Sierra and new brother David- and I just have not delivered. Don’t worry—you can scroll down and see them in just a minute! Before we get into the beautiful pictures, I have some more great … Continue reading

Big News!

Why are all these people so happy and excited?? My mamma :] Dad Jeffy Front left: Jason’s mom, Back left: Jason’s Dad Front right: Jason’s sister Rachel, Back right: Jason’s uncle Stephen Heehee their facial expressions make me chuckle! My sister Sierra and (now my brother-in-law!) David Grandma Jenna (heehee this one gets me laughing everytime!) … Continue reading


  Well I guess I’ll just go right out and say it, my grandpa passed away early may and we buried his ashes yesterday… and I don’t know what to say about it. I have a hundred things I could say — in fact, I’ve written this post twice already and started over because nothing does it … Continue reading

Unsure Steps

(I know… disturbing picture, right?) My sister and I used to fight a lot growing up. In fact, we rarely got in trouble for anything but fighting. When we did get in trouble, our mom would ground us and tell us that we had to learn to like each other and get along before we … Continue reading

Laundry Fail

I”m supposed to be going out of town tomorrow for a Bible study retreat, and I’ll be gone for a week! I’m pretty excited to get away for a while, but I’m quite sad my husband won’t be joining me this time. He’s staying home to work so that we can keep paying the bills. … Continue reading

Fail of the Week & the Harvest Moon

I apologize that I missed Fail of the Week Friday, I was helping out some friends set up for their wedding. So, obviously I did not have an official Fail of the Week-at least I didn’t think so… until I saw this photo that was snapped at the wedding! Haha, I’m not sure what I … Continue reading

“let that be enough”

Often I feel my world is quaking and the ground is crumbling beneath my feet But reality is, it’s only me that’s shaking and I’m the one causer of my defeat. What it feels like…                                                                                                                        Reality. [earthquake … Continue reading

Fishing with Grandpa

Grandpa took me fishing yesterday! In my last post about fish and fishing, I explained to you the huge fit that I threw over something that seemed so silly. Well this post is just the opposite. A couple months ago after one of our Saturday home church meetings, my family was talking about fishing and … Continue reading

Young Romance.

(Picture above: Christmas 2008! HA!) My husband and I are both quite childlike at heart… so it’s no surprise that we left Target the other day with glow in the dark stars in our cart. Jason found them in the dollar section and insisted that our ceiling needed a makeover. I agreed with him because … Continue reading


Yes, that is what is on my mind… but then again, that’s what is usually on my mind. This year has been quite the emotional roller-coaster because of that one word… babies. And yes, I am saying “babies” and not just baby. I want enough children to fill this table… a mix birthed of myself … Continue reading

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