About Me

Hello there, I’m Ashley! I created this blog in all honesty, as an
outlet for me to be able to create, write, and share with the world.
What does Everyday Above Rubies mean?
Well, I’ll tell you!
In Proverbs 31, scripture talks about this woman. We don’t know
who this woman is, but we do know that her husbands trusts her
with his WHOLE heart, she works with her hands and brings food
from far distant places, she even wakes up while it’s still dark
outside so that she can provide food for her whole family, including
her “maidservants” which today we would call employees or in some
cases, “the help”. She buys land on her own and plants a whole
vineyard! She is a strong (physically fit) woman who helps out the
needy and is super crafty! She makes her own fabric and clothing
and is dressed beautifully! She’s a kind, wise woman who knows what
is going on in her house (nothing get’s past her). She’s not the least
bit lazy, and people think highly of her husband because SHE is so
respected and known. This was no regular house wife! She is called
the “virtuous wife” and it’s said that her worth is far above rubies.

So here I post regularly – at least once a week, to share with you my own journey in trying to become like this virtuous wife – this amazing woman, and to live everyday like my worth far exceeds rubies.
I’ll share my photography, easy recipes, and my heart with you.

My posting schedule:
I know I used to have a nice posting schedule laid out for you here — but things have changed, and it’s impossible to be perfect. :]
So, just so you know – I post at random right now. We’ve got a little man on the way, and I’m sure life is about to get even more imperfect – and yet, all the more perfect.

I love you guys and cannot wait to hear from you!

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