A Change and Tacos.

As you can see, I didn’t post on Wednesday. I spent the day with my sister, eating good food and playing music. So, my apologies I have no recipe for you guys this week. I also would like to let you guys know that I’m changing up Fail of the Week Friday… because I seem … Continue reading

Fail of the Week & The Dishes.

So, I have a pretty hilarious fail of the week for you guys… Maybe this has happened to you before? If not, feel free to laugh at my expense! Yes, those are keys in our door… my husband’s to be exact. Now, that seems like a normal place for those to be, unless they’ve been … Continue reading

Fails, Fleas, Success, and Dinner.

Fail of the Week:: We still had a few fleas until yesterday! I have only seen one in the last 17 hours, so that’s good. It jumped onto my arm almost as if in panic trying to get off our couch that I had sprinkled with baking soda and salt to dehydrate them. There are … Continue reading

A Successful Week. (Photo Shoot)

Strangely enough, I don’t really have a “fail of the week” for you guys today! I know… weird! I do have a bit of a success though! I finally did the photo shoot with my sister, Sierra, that I’ve been wanting to do. I only have a few of the photos edited so far and … Continue reading

Laundry Fail

I”m supposed to be going out of town tomorrow for a Bible study retreat, and I’ll be gone for a week! I’m pretty excited to get away for a while, but I’m quite sad my husband won’t be joining me this time. He’s staying home to work so that we can keep paying the bills. … Continue reading

Fail of the Week & the Harvest Moon

I apologize that I missed Fail of the Week Friday, I was helping out some friends set up for their wedding. So, obviously I did not have an official Fail of the Week-at least I didn’t think so… until I saw this photo that was snapped at the wedding! Haha, I’m not sure what I … Continue reading

It’s fail of the week Friday

I’ve decided to start something new. Every Friday, I will post up a picture of my fail of the week. I will follow that with a success as well. My motivation in doing this, for one – it’s amusing, and for two, I’m hoping that maybe it will encourage you by making it very obvious … Continue reading

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